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Tyr was drawn to Portugal

30th July, 2011 | Posted by Football Info
Tyr was drawn to Portugal French defender Atila Tyr moved from the "Grenoble" to Lisbon "Sporting" on a free transfer, which soon will be starting in the European League. Leadership of Lisbon "Sporting" announced that the latest newcomer to the team in the current season will be the defender of the French junior national team the 19 year old Atila Tyr, who until recently played for "Grenoble". The player will move to the new club on a free transfer. Readmore

“Malaga” is dear to Cazorla

29th July, 2011 | Posted by Football Info
“Malaga” is dear to Cazorla Spain midfielder Santi Cazorla moved from "Villarreal" to "Malaga" for record price for Andalucía 22 million Euros. "Malaga" forked out "Villarreal" at 22 million Euros for the Spanish national team player Santi Cazorla. The midfielder signed a contract with Club Med for five years. In "Malaga", the Spaniard will play with other stellar newcomers: Diego Buanonotte, Isko, Ruud van Nistelrooy, Nacho Montreal, Joris Mateysenom, Jeremy Tulalanom, Sergio Sanchez and Joaquin. Readmore

Double enhancement of “PSG”

26th July, 2011 | Posted by Football Info
Double enhancement of “PSG” On the threshold of the start of UEFA Europa League, "Paris Saint-Germain" has strengthened its ranks by the winger of "Roma" Jeremy Menez and linebacker of "Saint Etienne" Blaise Matyuydi. UEFA Champions League participant "Paris Saint-Germain" has signed a three-year contract with "Roma" winger Jeremy Menez and "Saint Etienne" linebacker Blaise Matyuydi. Readmore

Trash is taken to the pack

26th July, 2011 | Posted by Football Info
Trash is taken to the pack Ex-football player of "Stuttgart", Christian Trash, who was named by Felix Magath one of the best defensive midfielder in Germany, moved to "Wolfsburg". Christian left "Stuttgart" and moved to "Wolfsburg", signing up a contract up to the summer of 2015. The amount of compensation for the midfielder, whom Felix Magath believes one of the best in Germany amounted to about EUR 10 million. Readmore

Xavi, Messi and Ronaldo

26th July, 2011 | Posted by Football Info
Xavi, Messi and Ronaldo According to UEFA, the best footballer of the last season in Europe, are competed Xavi Hernandez, Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. The winner will be announced on August 25. According to the UEFA, among the nominees for the award of the best footballer in Europe on the basis of the 2010/11 season Cup winners have entered the European champions in "Barcelona" Xavi Hernández and Lionel Messi, as well as the leader of Real Madrid Cristiano Ronaldo. Readmore

“Barcelona” visiting celebrant

25th July, 2011 | Posted by Football Info
“Barcelona” visiting celebrant "I will always remember this day" - said the midfielder Marin Thomases, whose "Hajduk" took the champion of Europe "Barcelona" in centennial of the weekend Celebrations in honor to the centenary of "Hajduk" have continued over the weekend, when eminent "Barcelona" visited Split stadium "Polyudye". Readmore