Platini: “Many accusations for Blatter were unfair and inaccurate”

3rd July, 2011 | Posted by Football Info

UEFA president Michel Platini, in an interview with Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung took a defense of his colleague of FIFA Joseph Blatter, who has recently got a lot of criticism.

“Many accusations for Blatter were unfair and inaccurate. Many believe that the FIFA president is responsible for everything that happens in his organization – said the Frenchman. – But if cases of corruption took place, they were not directly involved with Blatter. You can criticize, as Blatter leads FIFA, but he is definitely not corrupted. Blatter is not a devil, but not an angel either. He promised me that he will undertake the cleaning of FIFA. And if he wants to go down in history, he needs to do it. In my opinion, changes must be initiated within FIFA, and not outside.”

Planina said that he doesn’t have any plans yet to become the successor to Blatter at the head of FIFA, but under certain circumstances, is willing to consider such a prospect.

“I have just recently been re-elected to UEFA. I still have a lot of time to make a decision. I really like League. Why should I fight for a new post if I am satisfied with everything? I do not want anyone to displace. However, if Blatter says that he leaves, the situation is slightly different. And he said that the current term would be his last. If there is something unforeseen, I’m ready to think again. But now proceed from the fact that this issue will arise only after four years”, – concluded Platini.

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