Modric: “I want to leave the club peacefully”

11th July, 2011 | Posted by Football Info

The midfielder of Tottenham Luka Modric lashed back at the club’s chairman Daniel Levy critics. Horvath said that the club has threatened him with sanctions, if the midfielder will continue to try to leave the team. We should recall that Chelsea showed interest in Modric.

“The press has written much about my meeting with Levy, who has publicly talked about our meeting. I mean, I’m very upset by what I have heard from Levy. He threatened me that if I do not agree to the terms of the club, then I’ll sit in stock or even just on the podium. I hope he will understand my position. I really want to negotiate with the club, so we parted peacefully and began to move in different directions. I reminded the club management about a gentleman’s agreement that we signed a year ago with the extension contract. That time we were talking about that if I get an offer from the big club, then I would be immediately released. Now, Levi does not want to even discuss it. He was not even listening to what I’m talking “- says Modrica.

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