Guardiola has run out of patience on Fabregas transfer

11th July, 2011 | Posted by Football Info

The head coach of “Barcelona” Josep Guardiola asked the management of team to speed up negotiations with “Arsenal” on the transition in the standard blue garnet leader of the “Gunners’ Cesc Fabregas.

The ward transfer of “Barca” in the Catalan club will be held next week. The head coach of “Arsenal” Arsene Wenger in interviews never tires of repeating that he is not going to let Fabregas go, but the press thinks this is just an attempt to fill the price of the player. Now “Barcelona” is ready to pay 35 million pounds for the Spaniard’s, while the British want to get at least five million more.

Fabregas did not fly with “Arsenal” in the Asian tour, which begins next week. The official version of the club says that the player was in London in connection with muscular injury. Many assume that it is not connected with corruption, but with the signing of a contract with “Barcelona”, to be held in the coming days.

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