FIFA vice-president resigned

22nd June, 2011 | Posted by Football Info

FIFA vice-president Jack Warner has resigned voluntarily, according to the organization’s website. Earlier, FIFA Ethics committee discharged Warner from performance of his duties after the official has been accused of corruption.
As the spokesman for Warner told Associated Press, he decided to resign last week. After the resignation all charges be cleared from him. If the investigation concerning Warner would continue and he would be convicted, he would have forbidden to hold any positions in sports organizations.
In addition, this solution would cause substantial harm to the political career of the bureaucrat: in his homeland, Trinidad and Tobago, he has served as minister. Thus, the agency notes, the resignation may help to avoid Warner’s reputation damage, although the governments of Trinidad and Tobago have already expressed their intention to request the FIFA all the information about violations Warner.
The scandal occurred a few days before the election of the FIFA President. At a meeting of the Committee on the Ethics of FIFA on 29 May, Warner and Bin Hammam was suspended from duties, while Blatter was acquitted. Blatter won the presidential elections, held on June 1: vote passed unopposed, as Bin Hammam has withdrawn his candidacy.

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