Barcelona is club champion of Europe 2011!

29th May, 2011 | Posted by Football Info

That’s it. Champions League final in 2011 is over, Barcelona won their next, the fourth in a row, the Champions League. In all conscience, we must admit the result of the final match was appropriate. Garment-blue showed fantastic football and deservedly won the Championship of Spain this year, leaving no chance of Real Madrid and this is another triumph.
The game in London began with a massive attack of Manchester United.
After 10 minutes of the match, Barcelona went into action and moved the game from its own goal, took control of the ball and began its favorite occupation, weave lace around the opponent’s penalty area. In the penalty, Manchester United smelled of fire. Dangerous moments began to arise one after another. The selfless play of two central defenders Vidic and Ferdinand until a certain time, and helped take the threat from the gate, up to 24 minutes. Pedro, having received a pass, and moving into the penalty area struck irresistibly into the far corner of the goal Van der Sar, 1:0.
Barcelona still owned by the initiative, but the MU did not suit the expense and making heroic efforts of the team was able to move the game from its own goal, although the initiative is still owned by Barça. On 34 minutes, Ryan Giggs and Rooney played a wall and Wayne does not give a chance to Valdes, 1:1! The first half ended.
The second half began with a massive attack of Barcelona. At 54 minutes, Messi, was right in the center of the gate and suddenly found a moment struck, Van der Sar didn’t see the moment of impact and was powerless, 2:1.
Barcelona won their fourth Cup of Champions League UEFA!

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