“Atletico” footballer was late for four days due to the mobile

9th July, 2011 | Posted by Football Info

Spanish forward of the football club, “Atletico” Diego Costa explained his four-day training camp delay was because of the mobile phone. According to the Brazilian, he lost his phone, while he was on leave at home, so none of the “Athletics” could contact him, writes the Spanish edition of Marca.
Costa said that he had the second mobile phone, but with a Brazilian number, which nobody knew in the club. The striker said that once he was contacted, he immediately bought a ticket and flew to Spain. Who and how a connection was set up with the footballer was not elaborated.
The 22-year-old Brazilian has admitted his guilt, saying he does not know yet whether he will be punished. According to Costa, the partners welcomed him good, whereas he has yet to speak to the leaders of “Athletics”. The player has apologized to fans and players to the team.

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